Incredible time with the Reeder family and all their furry friends at Apple Mountain Alpacas - we got "up close and personal' with Tallie and Masterpiece, a couple of the sweetest creatures we've met, and I got kissed by one of them! Melissa was very friendly and informative about the care and breeding of alpacas, and we were really impressed by her interest in and dedication to these amazing animals. Jay, her husband and the team's chief executive officer and technology guru, was as nice and warm as could be, with lots of great information about the operation of the farm and as much detail as you can absorb concerning the history, health issues and general well-being of pure-bred Alpacas. Our time with this great family (all 3 boys were super nice and polite, one is hoping to attend Yale University) went by MUCH too quickly, and we give this attraction our highest recommendation.

Stephen P, Tripadvisor review