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  • 4: Alpaca Insoles

    4: Alpaca Insoles

    Insoles cut to fit your size will improve comfort of shoes.

  • 3: Alpaca Teddy Bears

    3: Alpaca Teddy Bears

    Unique, one of a kind, alpaca teddy bears are the softest teddy bears in the world.

  • 2: Alpaca Scarves

    2: Alpaca Scarves

    Alpaca scarves, whether knitted or felted, are soft as cashmere.

  • 1: Alpaca Socks

    1: Alpaca Socks

    Alpaca socks are renowned for their comfort and durability.

  • 2: Alpaca Roving

    2: Alpaca Roving

    Roving is lightly processed fiber used by spinners, felters, and other projects.

  • 4: Dryer Balls

    4: Dryer Balls

    All natural, renewable, and healthy for both your family and the planet.

  • 3: Alpaca Yarn

    3: Alpaca Yarn

    Used by knitters for garments that are softer than cashmere.

  • 1: Alpaca Fiber

    1: Alpaca Fiber

    Alpaca fiber is used by fiber artists for spinning, felting, and other projects.

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