Section 3.8: Example Histogram and Biopsies

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Appendix 1 Histogram Report Example

A. Yocum MColl Histogram Report Example

Phone (303) 294-0582 * Fax (303) 295-6944
540 West Elk Place * Denver, CO
80216-1823 USA

B. Alpaca Consulting Services, USA Histogram Report Example

Report Date 05/01/2009 Min(micron) 18.7
AFD(micron) 21.47 Max(micron) 23.4
SD(micron) 4.12 Stretched Length(mm) 122
CV(%) 19.17 Unstretched Length(mm) 110
CF(%) 97.78 Growth Rate(mm/day) 0.35
Staple Length(mm) 105.0 Crimp/cm 2.5

  1. Specifics on taking a sample

Alpaca Name:

Sex: Male Female Gelding

Huacaya or Suri


Age (at time of sampling) in months:

Location (state) of alpaca for majority of past year:

Age of sample in days:


Samples should be no less than the size of a man’s thumb

Samples must be cut as close to the skin as possible

Samples must be sent in a clear plastic baggie with the alpaca name on a piece of paper inside the baggie

Sample must be dry

Enclose a check with the samples and send them to

Alpaca Consulting Services USA

1540 San Bernardo Creek Road
Morro Bay CA 93442
805 772 1774


 Appendix 2 Skin Biopsy Report Example

1. Dr. Norm Evans, DVM

2. Alpaca Consulting Services, USA

Appendix 3 Skin Biopsy Comparison

Note the differences between the results of the top skin biopsy results and the bottom one. The top picture shows excellent density (many small white dots) while the bottom picture reveals fewer and thicker dots – this alpaca is only about ½ as dense as the alpaca pictured above it. Micron count, standard deviation, CV and secondary/primary fiber rations are all inferior to the top pictured alpaca.

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