Section 3.5: Benchmarking

Alpaca are renowned for producing the world’s most sustainable luxury fiber. Alpaca Fiber can be eco-friendly, softer than cashmere, and warm as polar bear fleece.

Experience the Alpaca Lifestyle while producing luxury products - through Alpaca Fiber Farming
This online resource will teach you how.


Benchmark studies have been accumulated and numbers are available to determine elite density, S/P rations and so on. We can begin to rank those super studs that win in the ring against the also-rans and also track these studs and dams performance capabilities for herd improvement through their progeny.

And we are seeing that our halter and fleece judges are indeed selecting the best of the best in most cases, for there is a high correlation between judges’ choices of champions and the densest of alpacas. Whether these champions pass this on to their offspring though, is another matter. Progeny skin biopsy testing must be done.

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