Alpaca Fiber Farming

Alpaca are renowned for producing the world’s most sustainable luxury fiber. Alpaca Fiber can be eco-friendly, softer than cashmere, and warm as polar bear fleece.

Experience the Alpaca Lifestyle while producing luxury products - through Alpaca Fiber Farming
This online resource will teach you how.

Ultimate Guide to Alpaca Fiber Farming

The Alpaca Fiber Farming material consists of four interrelated sections:

Section #1 – The Current & Potential Value of Alpaca Fiber
Section #2 – Alpaca Fiber Evaluation– The Objective & the Subjective
Section #3 - Histograms, Follicular Skin Biopsies, & EPDs
Section #4 – How to Make Money with Alpaca Fiber and the Value Chain

The material in these sections will all work together to bring about a comprehensive introductory understanding of alpaca fiber, the pros and cons of the industry, how it can be faithfully compared to competing wools, and objective findings, both good and bad, to maximize potential profit.

The included sections will explore more objective and quantifiable facts that will help breeders reach a deeper understanding of how to keep and maintain a herd.

We've prepared this e-book guide to share the lessons learned in the US Alpaca industry and help small farms get started with their own alpaca adventure. This is a resource that will continue to grow as we learn more, and hopefully help you in the exciting and ever-growing industry of ‘Alpaca Fiber Farming.’

Alpaca Fiber Farming - Table of Contents

  1. Section 1.1: Introduction: Alpaca Fiber Farming
  2. Infographic: Value of Alpaca Fiber
  3. Section 1.2: Current & Potential Value of Alpaca Fiber
  4. Section 1.3: Breeding Goals For Fiber Farmers
  5. Section 1.4: Alpaca Fiber Form And Function
  6. Section 1.5: Alpaca Fiber – The Magic And The Myth
  7. Section 1.6: Alpaca Fiber – The Eco-Friendly Choice
  8. Section 1.7: Alpaca Vs. The Competition
  9. Section 1.71: Alpaca Compared To Sheep Wool
  10. Section 1.72: Alpaca Compared To Cashmere
  11. Section 1.73: Alpaca Compared To Angora, Mohair, Or Silk
  12. Section 1.74: Alpaca Compared To Cotton, Bamboo, Or Linen
  13. Section 1.75: Alpaca Compared To Synthetics
  14. Section 1.76: Suri Fiber Compared To Huacaya Fiber
  15. Section 1.77: Alpaca Fiber Benefits Summary
  16. Section 1.8: Section Summary
  17. Section 2.1: Alpaca Fiber Evaluation – The Objective & Subjective
  18. Section 2.2: Primary Fibers
  19. Section 2.3: Secondary Fibers
  20. Section 2.4: “Guard Hair”
  21. Section 2.5: Medullation
  22. Section 2.6: The “Halo Effect”
  23. Section 2.7: Fiber Evaluation
  24. Section 2.71: Density
  25. Section 2.72: Fineness
  26. Section 2.73: Huacaya And Crimp
  27. Section 2.74: Luster In Suri
  28. Section 2.75: Handle
  29. Section 2.76: Consistency Or Uniformity
  30. Section 2.77: Alpaca Fiber Strength
  31. Section 2.8: Section Summary
  32. Section 3.1: Measuring Alpaca Fiber
  33. Section 3.2: Basic Histogram Terminology
  34. Section 3.3: Skin Biopsies And EPDs
  35. Section 3.4: EPDs
  36. Section 3.5: Benchmarking
  37. Section 3.6: All About Biopsies
  38. Section 3.7: Section Summary
  39. Section 3.8: Example Histogram And Biopsies
  40. Section 4.1: It’s All About The Fiber
  41. Section 4.2: Separating Fact From Fiction
  42. Section 4.3: Current State Of The North American Fiber Market
  43. Section 4.31: Cottage Industry And Custom Mills
  44. Section 4.32: Challenges To Building A National Alpaca Fiber Market
  45. Section 4.4: Building An Alpaca Fiber Industry
  46. Section 4.5: The Niche Market
  47. Section 4.6: Alpaca Fiber For Profit
  48. Section 4.7: Section Summary

Special thanks to Jim Tomaszek for the original composition of this material to benefit the alpaca community.

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Dianna Jordan
5 years ago

I just perused the table of contents and a couple of sections…what an amazing resource! I am definitely going to recommend this publication to my friends/clients and those interested in the alpaca fiber industry.

Kathleen Callan
5 years ago

I just read (and scanned) your publication. Do you have a hard copy for sale. It seems quite accurate and it is wonderful to see all of this information in one place.

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