9. How to make luffa soap

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How to Make Luffa Soap

Why not add some luffa soaps to your endeavor? Your guests will love them and you’ll benefit by the proceeds. Furthermore, it’s just good business to offer your guests some extra nice things such as fine, natural soaps. One of the awesome things about luffa soap is that it gets you squeaky clean without being too abrasive.

Here is how you make luffa soaps:

  1. Take a soap mold and place a 1” thick luffa slice into it.
  2. Melt enough melt-and pour type soap to cover the mold.
  3. Add color or essential oils if desired.
  4. Apply a fine spritz of alcohol onto the luffa so the soap adheres to it.
  5. Pour the liquid over the luffa to fill cavity and tap to dislodge air bubbles.
  6. When cool, remove from the mold and carefully wrap the soap immediately.


  • Make a Luffa column mold with a 1’ section of 3” PVC pipe.
  • Make ground luffa soap from luffa fibers.
  • Oakmoss can be used in place of luffa for sensitive skin and can be found online.
  • Grow your own luffa. It’s easy. Just follow the instructions for growing your own luffas.

This is just one of the classes you can offer to your visitors. Remember, your relation with your customer is really important, and without establishing a proper relationship, you won’t be able to get the results you want.