4. Become the ultimate destination

Agritourism is the fastest growing segment of revenue for small farms in America (according to the USDA). People want to pay for experiences, and are looking for new things to do on the weekend.

Help meet their needs while simultaneously increasing your farm revenue - with Agritourism
This online resource will teach you how.

How to plan the Ultimate Agritourism Destination

It can be overwhelming to create the best plan for your agritourism business. You may find you have too few or too many ideas. Here are some suggestions that will help you out:

  • Road Signs

If you build it...they will come. But, only if they can find it. You will want to put up plenty of signs to show your guests the way. Make the drive yourself so you know where to put the signs and once you put them up, you’ll want to make the drive again to be sure your strategy worked and that they are in plain view and easy to read. Be sure the signs are neat and attractive. Your business may qualify for free signage so be sure to check that out. Even if it does cost you, it will no doubt pay off.

  • Fencing

Fences are very important. They define your property line which is important for your guests to know and also for legal reasons. You will want your fence to be neat and attractive. You might be surprised how guests love a good fence be it a picket fence or nice, rustic one. If you have animals, you may even need fences inside the fence. Make those attractive and well-defined as well.

  • Washing Stations for Hands

Especially when getting down and dirty on the farm or petting the animals (even your mascot dog), your visitors will need a place to wash their hands. And no, a sanitizing solution is not the same as a good place to scrub with soap and water. You will also need to either install a drying vent, offer hand towels that you will launder or provide paper towels.

  • Toilets for Your Guests

When they’ve got to go...they’ve got to go. Provide a clean and well-stocked toilet area. It is best if you can have a designated men and women facility. An outhouse is a possibility as long as it is kept tidy and meets the standards that are acceptable. You can even rent outhouses out like port-a-potties. Definitely have them emptied when need be.

  • Regular Hours of Operation

It doesn’t matter what your hours of operation are as long as you make the hours regular and clear. If you open for three days per week and one half day, be sure you customers know and don’t drive all the way to your farm for nothing. Be sure you advertise your days and hours of operation and that you are not changing them all the time.

  • A Wonderful, Welcoming Attitude

What your guests will remember most about your establishment is the way it made them feel. More specifically, it is the way you and your staff made them feel that will go home in their memory banks. Be polite and go a step beyond. Make the kings, queens, prince and princesses for a day.

  • Courteous Measures

Try to think of everything. If you have a farm and your dog is running around freely, you may know he won’t hurt a flea but that doesn’t mean others know that. Take care to be sure he doesn’t frighten people or get in the way.
In the same light, if you host events or activities for all ages, provide a good area for children to play and unwind so they don’t get on the nerves of the older generation.

  • Simply Beautiful

Go the extra mile to make your place stand out as being gorgeous. Put an extra coat of paint on, landscape...make a flower garden your guests can enjoy. You can even construct a nice picnic area. Your guests will feel special when you take the time and even spend the funds that will set your farm apart.

  • Insurance

Don’t be caught without liability insurance or without the right amount or the right type. This is an area you cannot skimp on. You could get burned, for sure, if you do.

  • Certificate of First Aid

Definitely take a course in first aid or have all your staff members do so if possible. Keep your certificate up to date and your skills as well.