21. How to be successful with Tripadvisor

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How to be successful with Tripadvisor

TripAdvisor: If you want to get successful with TripAdvsior, do not forget to follow the tips listed in this section.

Trip Advisor can be a great way to get extra business. Learn how to take advantage of it with these 8 tips.

Respond quickly

Show potential customers how much you care, by responding to the feedback clients have given promptly. A quick reply lets customers know that you are interested and engaged with what they have to say. A complaint that is quickly addressed, and a compliment that is noticed, goes a long way toward letting clients know what kind of attention they can receive if they choose to visit your business. In order to keep on top of replying to customers, make sure one of your staff is dedicated to the task of doing so.

Be polite and professional

We know that some of those negative reviews can strike right at the heart. Make sure you have cooled down before you reply. Other customers are going to be watching how you react

Distribute those comment cards

Comment cards are basically business cards that help your customer leave a review about your business. Sometimes you aren't represented properly on Trip Advisor because the customers who visit you don't think to bring up your business on the website.

Study those popularity index factors

Some parts of Trip Advisor you can pay to improve your rankings on. Others must be organic. One of these areas that must be organic is the popularity index factors. While it is up to customers to decide whether your business is a popular place or not, you can lay the groundwork for customers by studying what makes things popular.

One of the factors taken into account is the number of quality reviews made by customers. That means encouraging your customers to write heartfelt reviews is essential to success.

Display Trip Advisor awards

You can help strengthen your business by letting customers know about awards you've won through Trip Advisor. Showing off a “most recommended” award can score extra business and solidify your businesses credibility.

Showcase your badges

Trip Advisor awards popular businesses with badges they can use on their websites. If you receive the honor of a badge, don't hesitate to put it up on your website. For the same reason

Write a press release

Once you get a few awards and honors from Trip Advisor, having a few of these awards mentioned in a press release readily available for media can help add some extra traffic to your business. If you won an award, don't be afraid to brag about it a little!

Ask for a review AFTER service is rendered

TripAdvisor has a strict policy against fake reviews, and may tag your business if customers write a review before completing their stay. Because of that, make sure you hand out your cards and talk about reviewing on Trip Advisor when they are checking out, not before!