19. Unique selling points (USPs)

Agritourism is the fastest growing segment of revenue for small farms in America (according to the USDA). People want to pay for experiences, and are looking for new things to do on the weekend.

Help meet their needs while simultaneously increasing your farm revenue - with Agritourism
This online resource will teach you how.

Personalizing Your Services

Personalizing your services will add value to your business. First, you will want to develop your business plan, select an entity, budget your business, decide on pricing and keep excellent records. Those are steps you must take to have a thriving business.

Other things you do will be icing on the cake that will set your business apart and make it shine. Consider your enterprise and note the things that can be your main attraction or selling points. It will most likely be just two or three things that stand out like perhaps your location or the length of time your place has been in business, especially if it is a farm that has been passed down for generations.

The little things will make a name for you. Do you have the best employees? Do you make your guests feel extra special? Maybe it’s the fun your farm represents that makes it unique like “Happy Hills” or “Miles of Smiles”. Whatever the little details are that give your place character, build upon it.

Promote your place by hanging posters around town, passing out pamphlets and giving away promotional items. Get to know your neighbors and the businesses within your community so they can promote you too. And remember that repeat customers and word of mouth when they tell how much fun they had at your farm go a long, long way to advertise your business.

Be creative and take advantage of all your farm has to offer and you will find that, in time, your business will shine.