18. Four P’s of Marketing

Agritourism is the fastest growing segment of revenue for small farms in America (according to the USDA). People want to pay for experiences, and are looking for new things to do on the weekend.

Help meet their needs while simultaneously increasing your farm revenue - with Agritourism
This online resource will teach you how.

The Four P’s of Marketing

Make your agritourism business stand out in a unique way with a marketing mix known as the Four P’s. By incorporating the things listed below, you will set your business head and shoulders apart from the rest. Your marketing position will thrive when you select one of more benefits and features that can really attract business.

First off, identify your target market then determine what that market desires. Compare what resources and advantages you have over your competition and deliver those. Let your customers help you to determine what position is best for your individual business.


Consider your features, optional services and the quality of your product. The quality of your staff matters to such as if you employ professionals in the horse arena. If you have an exceptionally beautiful spot of scenic view, mark that down to your favor. Your style and brand name and packaging play a part in your product as well.


You will want to note the location of your product or service, the frequency of service, your distributers and inventory. For instance, if you sell honey, you will consider if it is seasonal and how much you can get of it.


Publicity, sales promotion, advertising, your mailing or emailing list and personal selling on an individual level will all be taken into consideration.


Discounts, credit terms and list prices are factors in price. Remember, your price can make or break your business. You can’t go too low or too high.

Once you have taken a look at the four areas above, you can then find points that stand out about your business so you can focus on the strengths. Is your location extra special such as being in the mountains of Colorado? Have you been in business a long time? Are there special benefits to your product or service that is exceptional like being healthy or therapeutic? Play on those things that set your business apart and you will reach for the sky.