How to make Greener Pastures with Alpaca Agritourism

Agritourism is the fastest growing segment of revenue for small farms in America (according to the USDA). People want to pay for experiences, and are looking for new things to do on the weekend.

Help meet their needs while simultaneously increasing your farm revenue - with Agritourism
This online resource will teach you how.

Getting Started With Agritourism

What is Agritourism? Have you heard much about it?

Well, Agritourism is where agriculture & tourism collaborate to offer you an incredible educational adventure, whether it’s a farm or ranch visit, a special festival or soap-making training. Ranchers, farmers and wineries transform their land into an exciting destination and open doorways to the community to demonstrate more about what their land is all about.

Agritourism is quickly becoming a popular trend. Niche tourism farms offer family fun and learning experiences too. Kicking back to enjoy the slower paced life of the country is a great way to de-stress too. It’s no wonder agritourism is one hot commodity these days.

We've written an e-book guide to share the lessons we've learned and help small farms get started with agritourism. We're also making it available here for free. This is a resource that will continue to grow as we learn more, and hopefully help you on your agritourism adventure!

Agritourism 101 - Table of Contents

  1. Agritourism Infographic
  2. Is Agritourism right for you?
  3. Facts and Figures of Agritourism
  4. Agritourism Legal Protection
  5. How to plan the Ultimate Agritourism Destination
  6. Visitor Expectations for an Agritourism Destination
  7. Farm Tours
  8. Getting Classy: Classes You Can Offer At Your Farm
  9. How to make felted soap
  10. How to Make Luffa Soap
  11. Teach Your Guests How to Crochet
  12. Customer Relations
  13. Hospitality
  14. The Difference between Hospitality and Customer Service
  15. Is it Right for Me?
  16. 12 Sources to Make Income in Agritourism
  17. Reasons to Diversify with Agritourism
  18. Business and Financial Planning
  19. The Four P’s of Marketing
  20. Personalizing Your Services
  21. Why You Need A Professional Website
  22. How to be successful with Tripadvisor
  23. 6 Steps To Promote On Facebook
  24. Marketing Your Agritourism Enterprise
  25. Deliver their "why"
  26. Safety and Risk Management
  27. Greener Pastures for Alpaca Agritourism Can Lead to Six Figure Incomes.
  28. Georgia 2016 Agritourism Tax Guide
  29. Georgia 2017 Agritourism Liability Info

Coming Soon:

Alpaca agritourism market research and marketing plan,
class and workshop guides and handouts,
and even powerpoints to use for Alpacas 101