Hummingherds Quech 22: #1 Herdsire for Uniformity and Fleece Weight

Hummingherds Quech 22

Quech 22

18 Micron & 2.9 SD at Age 6 - Quech22 is one of the top white males for uniformity and fleece weight

(based on 2021 EPDs - top 60 SDAFD white males sorted by AFW)

Quech22, described by AOA Judge Ursula Munro as a "ridiculously elite" son of, according to Snowmass Alpacas, "the most distinguished White Huacaya Stud standing in the WORLD" (Snowmass Elite Legend).

Quech's Dam, originally from Snowmass, was one of the top 5 foundation females at Futurity Breeder of the Year - Tripping Gnome Farm - and her offspring were acquired by farms like Double O' Good, Cas-Cad-Nac, & Magical Farms. Quech22 lives up to his sire's reputation and combined with his dam's elite genetics, he's ready to produce progeny that continue the family legacy of being the most distinguished in the world for years to come.

Everyone knew he would be special from before Quech22 arrived. The breeding of his parents was a dream brought to reality by former AOA judge Ursula Munro of Tripping Gnome Farm (2010-2012 Futurity Breeder of the Year), and co-owner of Snowmass Elite Legend at Quech22 conception. In the 2012 Snowmass Winner's Circle auction listing, she described the unborn cria (Quech 22) as "outrageously elite". Mom was acquired by Hummingherd Farm at that Snowmass 2012 Winner's Circle Auction (see photos for mom's auction listing), just months before Tripping Gnome announced their retirement, and Hummingherd's Quech22 was named on arrival. From early on, Quech22 was recognized as having a spectacular fleece commonly referred to as "silky". Typical "silky" traits include excellent density, long staple, and uniformity, but he was not shown much because the rare fleece style can be difficult to judge. Into adulthood, Quech 22 has produced a more traditional fleece, and at that time was awarded the first place ribbon at the AOA National halter show. As Quech was "coming of age", Hummingherd's farm was in the process of entering retirement themselves, and consequently, he got a late start to his breeding career. Just as he was getting started... Covid hit ... but all of that has now changed, and he's one of the few greats owned by a small farm that wants to see his genetics made available.

Quech22's impeccable conformation and elite fleece traits were validated at the 2017 AOA National Show when Judge Amanda VandenBosch awarded him 1st place in halter. At the 2018 AOA National Fleece show, he took 2nd place behind cousin Snowmass Loro Piana, just ahead of his sire Elite Legend in 3rd. All 3 are descendants of the famous Snowmass Quechua.

His first histogram came in at a 15 micron and 2.6 SD. After 6 years, as a breeding male, his 2018 histogram is 18 micron and 2.9 SD. That's not just elite fineness and uniformity, it's elite lingering fineness and uniformity.

In May 2019, Ian Watt analyzed a skin biopsy of Quech 22 at 7 years of age while already a breeding male. The findings were spectacular. For a breeding male his age, density of 76.9 and Primary Fiber SD of 2.3 micron and Secondary Fiber SD of 2.1 micron were described as "exceptional".

Quech22 exhibits phenomenal phenotype! Conformation is exceptional with a solid frame, very full coverage down to his toes and that perfectly typey head. Histograms prove elite fineness and uniformity in the annual high weight clips. EPDs indicate progeny will have EXTREME improvement in uniformity, fleece weight, and fineness. This is the male that carries genetics typically reserved for an elite few farms and has the proven (data-backed) potential to transform any herd in the world.

Most livestock breeders dream of a Stud that surpasses all others. This is the guy to help you turn those dreams into reality for your farm. Don't miss the Quech of a lifetime!

How Does Quech22 Fit Your Breeding Program?

Some focus on pedigree and show winnings.  Quech22 is a National blue ribbon winner with a legendary show-winning heritage. That heritage runs deep through multiple generations of legendary show performance. His sire, Snowmass Elite Legend, was described by Snowmass as the "most distinguished" standing stud in the world. Elite Legend was a Futurity Herdsire of the Year, every year, from 2010 to 2016 and was also an AOA National Judge's Choice male (along with 10+ champion banners). Quech22 is also a grandson of the world famous Snowmass Quechua, 2002 Futurity White Color Champion as well as the 2006 and 2007 Futurity Light Herdsire of the Year. Both Elite Legend and Quechua have fathered many of the greatest champions in the industry today. Quech's Dam also has a track record of producing elite, champion offspring. Of her 6 offspring taken to shows, over 11 banners (including Futurity) and a Judge's Choice were awarded. All but one was a blue ribbon winner acquired by farms like Double O' Good, Cas-Cad-Nac, & Magical Farms. What happens when you take one of the top 5 production females who is producing some of the best cria in the country at a Breeder of the Year farm, and breed her with the "most distinguished" stud in the world... Quech22. Not just the best genetics, but the best of the best.

Some focus on histograms.  Quech22 had a 15.5 micron fleece in year 1 with a 2.6 SD, and only an 18.3 micron fleece with 2.9 SD in year 6 (2018).  That's the kind of lingering fineness everyone should be breeding for.

Some focus on progeny testing. Quech22 has just started his breeding career but has already produced beautiful offspring that will likely follow in the footsteps of prior generations of legendary show performance and elite offspring.

Livestock Breeding Experts Recommend EPDs:  Experts will tell you that when breeding for genetic improvement, there are 4 factors that influence your results:

  1. Selection Intensity: How "picky" you are in selecting breeding animals?
  2. Generation Interval: How quickly do we put in young, superior individuals?
  3. Genetic Variation: How much variability is in the population?
  4. Accuracy of Selection: How good are we at selecting the animals with best genetics?

Points #1 and #4 are best identified through study of EPDs that evaluate genetics in ancestors, siblings, and offspring while statistically eliminating the environmental factors. Quech22 is in the top 1.06% for fineness, and sets the bar for uniformity at #12 in the nation for all alpacas (top .05%). He's also in the top 2.6% for fleece weight (which is awesome given his top ranking AFD) and top 10% for staple length. While individual traits are important, we breed for a combination of traits. Quech22 is in the top 5 white males, for uniformity and fleece weight (based on 2021 EPDs - top 60 SDAFD white males sorted by AFW).

As breeders, we're not just focused on fineness, but fineness with uniformity, staple, and fleece weight (measured by higher fleece weights at lower micron).  This is where Quech22 sets himself apart as one of the best herdsires in the nation for our breeding goals.

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Quech22 Pedigree Description (herdsire family tree listed sire-first, oldest to most recent):

PPERUVIAN CALIGULA G4572 - (paternal great great great grandsire)
PERUVIAN HEMINGWAY G171 - (paternal great great grandsire)
Herdsire with greatest impact on American Alpaca Herds (and top EPDs today).
PPPERUVIAN AUGUSTO 6009 - (paternal great great grandsire)
Sold at auction for $226,000
6PERUVIAN ACCOYO ELITE 5057 IMPR98 - (paternal great grandsire)
Considered by many to be a top Accoyo import - had 18 micron at 6 yrs.
SNOWMASS SNOW * KING - (paternal great grandsire)
National Reserve Champion Augusto Son
SNOWMASS QUECHUA - (paternal grandsire)
One of the best Accoyo Elite Sons
Described by Snowmass as: The the most distinguished White Huacaya Stud standing in the WORLD
PERUVIAN DON JULIO G159 - (maternal great great grandsire)
PPPERUVIAN AUGUSTO 6009 - (maternal great grandsire)
Sold at auction for $226,000
4PERUVIAN LEGACY 6016 - (maternal great grandsire)
Highest selling alpaca $750,000 for 1/2 interest
SNOWMASS ACCOYOCUSANI - (maternal grandsire)
Acclaimed Champion


Fiber / Scientific Data

2013 15.5 AFD, 2.6 SD, 17.1 %CV, 14.7 Spin Fineness, 0.3 %>30, 47.7 Curve
2014 16.31 AFD, 2.9 SD, 17.9 %CV, 15.4 Spin Fineness, 0.2% >30, 51.4 MeanCurve
2016 Age 4: 16.6 AFD, 3.1 SD, 18.5% CV, 15.8SF, 0.3%>30, 99.7%CF, MSL 99.4mm, Curve 56.5 **Sheared 7.4lbs**
2017 Age 5 (Breeding Male) 19.78 AFD, 3.4 SD, 17.9 %CV, 18.6 Spin Fineness, 0.5 %>30 **Shear 8.1 lb. total fleece**
2018 Age 6 (Breeding Male) 18.3 AFD, 2.9 SD, 15.9 %CV, 17.1 Spin Fineness, 0.2 %>30
2019 Age 7 (Breeding Male) Biopsy Density: 76.9mm
Age 7 (Breeding Male) Biopsy Secondary|Primary Ratio: 10.7:1
Age 7 (Breeding Male) Biopsy Secondary|Primary Variation: 3.2 micron
Age 7 (Breeding Male) Biopsy Primary SD: 2.3, Secondary SD: 2.1
1st Place AOBA Nationals 2017, Full Fleece Huacaya White Male Mature
2nd Place AOBA Nationals Fleece 2018, Huacaya White Male Mature (1st-Snowmass Loro Piana, 3rd-Snowmass Elite Legend)
1st Place PAOBA Fleece Show 2018, Huacaya White Mature