Accoyo America Apocalypse: Nationally Recognized Elite Herdsire

Accoyo America Apocalypse


What a fitting name for this impressive, nationally recognized, elite herdsire.

 He has proven himself with an almost unmatched record spanning not only recognized and proven EPDs, but show winnings, and progeny that follow in his footsteps.

Apocalypse is the first son of Intl Alpaca Odyssey Supreme Male Huacaya Champion, Intl' White Male Champion, and AOBA National Champion sire, PCA Hemingway-Accoyo Nautilus, of Accoyo America. At auction, Nautilus once brought $19,000 for a single breeding! His full sister sold for $180,000 and his half brothers sold for $167,000 and $205,000. Those bloodlines are highly valued for good reason. Apocalypse carries the same fine crimp, density, upright posture, presence, and beautifully refined head as his famous sire.

This male exhibits phenomenal phenotype! He is a highly decorated male that is holding his fineness. A trait passed on from his Allianza ancestry. His first year histogram tested at a phenomenal 15.2 micron with only 3.5 SD which continued five years later, as a breeding male, with a histogram of 19.2, SD 4.0 and CV of 20.8!

Apocalypse is a brilliant result of the finest genetics originating from the Allianza and Accoyo bloodlines. As his show record shows, the judges agree. Apocalypse is 3/4 Accoyo, crossing the Accoyo bloodlines of Sicuani, Vengador and Pucara; with Allianza bloodlines of Hemingway, his famous grandsire. Hemingway came from the fabled Cconchatanca herd (aka Rural Allianza, Macusani), an area where there is a rich history of vicuna interbreeding dating to the mid-19th century. These spectacular genetics were on display at the 2005 AOBA Fleece Nationals, where Apocalypse was awarded light color champion, scoring 20 out of 20 on fineness and handle!

How Does Apocalypse Fit Your Breeding Program?

Some focus on pedigree and show winnings.  Apocalypse is a national champion with a hall of fame pedigree. His elite genetics are built on the foundation of 3/4 Accoyo and 1/4 Hemingway pedigree. His sire, Nautilus, is reported by many to be Hemingway's most outstanding son. Meanwhile, Nautilus' dam Sicuani, was rated a perfect 10 during the 1998 importation, and had an extremely consistent fleece with a CV of just 10.4%. He's also a grandson of Vengador, the son of Shere Khan, Julio Barreda's most famous herd sire known as the most "perfect alpaca" ever bred. Not just the best genetics, but the best of the best.

Some focus on histograms.  Apocalypse had a 15.2 micron fleece in year 1, and only a 21.5 micron fleece in year 8.  In 2018 at 15 years of age, Apocalypse had a 22.5 AFD. That's the kind of lingering fineness everyone should be breeding for.

Some focus on progeny testing.  Apocalypse is not only a multiple champion, but he has sired champion offspring.  He has over 70 offspring, with an average AFD of 19.5 at 6 years.  A couple years ago, Apocalypse offspring made up 25% of the top 100 male and female EPDs sorted by AFD and AFW. Last year, 4 Apocalypse sons ranked in the top 50 EPD Huacaya males for fineness.

Livestock Breeding Experts Recommend EPDs:  Experts will tell you that when breeding for genetic improvement, there are 4 factors that influence your results:

  1. Selection Intensity: How "picky" you are in selecting breeding animals?
  2. Generation Interval: How quickly do we put in young, superior individuals?
  3. Genetic Variation: How much variability is in the population?
  4. Accuracy of Selection: How good are we at selecting the animals with best genetics?

Points #1 and #4 are best identified through study of EPDs that evaluate genetics in ancestors, siblings, and offspring while statistically eliminating the environmental factors. Apocalypse is in the top 2% for fineness, spin fineness, and curvature.  He's in the top 3% for %>30, top 4% for standard deviation, and top 7% for FW (which is awesome given his top ranking AFD).  While individual traits are important, we breed for a combination of traits. Apocalypse is one of the TOP 10 males, East of the Mississippi, for fineness and density (based on 2015 EPDs - top 150 AFD sorted by AFW).

As breeders, we're not just focused on fineness, but fineness with staple and density (measured by higher fleece weights at lower micron).  This is where Apocalypse sets himself apart as one of the top 10 EPD ranked herdsires East of the Mississippi.

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Accoyo America Apocalypse - When You Need Proven, Predictable, Prepotent Genetic Improvement.

Apocalypse Pedigree Description (family tree listed sire-first, oldest to most recent):

PERUVIAN HEMINGWAY G171 - (paternal grandsire)
Herdsire with greatest impact on American Alpaca Herds (and top EPDs today).
PPERUVIAN VENGADOR G4568 - (maternal grandsire)
Only U.S. son of Shere Khan (Accoyo's World Famous IDEAL Herdsire).
Considered by many to be Hemingway's greatest son.
6PERUVIAN ACCOYO SICUANI 6410IMPR98 - (paternal granddam)
rated perfect 10 at import - won many fleece shows - very consistent
PPPERUVIAN PUCARA 4653 - (maternal granddam)
1/2 of offspring were Futurity Champion or National Champion
5 of 12 offspring were champions (4 national champions)


Fiber / Scientific Data

2004 AFD: 15.2; SD 3.8; CV 23.7, >30: 0.5%
2011 AFD: 21.5; SD: 4.3; CV: 19.9; >30: 3.5
2017 AFD: 21.9; SD: 4.1; CV: 18.8; >30: 2.8
2018 AFD: 22.5; SD: 4.2; CV: 18.8; >30: 3.8
Color Champion AOBA Nationals 2005, Light Huacaya Males Fleece
Color Champion Ohio AlpacaFest, 2005, Light Huacaya Males Fleece
Res. Color Champion Halter Illinois Alpaca Extrav. 2005, Light Huacaya Males
Highest Scoring Light Huacaya AOBA Nationals 2006 Handcrafter's Spin-Off
1st Place AOBA Nationals 2006 Handcrafter's Spin-Off
1st Place AOBA Nationals 2006 Composite White 2 year and older Males.
1st Place AOBA Nationals 2005, Beige Yearl. Males Fleece (20 of 20 points on fineness and handle!)
1st Place Ohio AlpacaFest 2005, Beige Yearling Huacaya Males Fleece
1st Place MAPACA Jubilee 2005, Beige Yearl. Males Halter
2nd AOBA Nationals 2007 Fleece (20 out of 20 on fineness & handle- again!)
2nd Place Kentucky Classic 2006 (WHITE) Halter
2nd Place 2005 Northern Illinois Alpaca Extravaganza
2nd Place All-American Futurity 2004, Beige Juv. Males
2nd Place MAPACA Jubilee 2004, Beige Juv. Males
2nd Place AOBA Nationals 2004, Beige
2nd Place Get of Sire GWAS 2011
2nd Place Get of Sire ABR Fall Festival 2009
Get of Sire wins placed Apocalypse ahead of nationally recognized herdsires such as Elite Maximus, Maple Brook Barnabus and Aussie .38 Special