Seminar: Raising Alpacas for Pleasure and Profit – September 8, 2018

Raising Alpacas for Pleasure and Profit

Saturday, September 8th 2018

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Ever wondered if your dream of alpaca farming could be a sustainable business? Or maybe you've already started your alpaca adventure and you're looking for new strategies to improve the operation. Whether you're just thinking about your alpaca adventure or have been traveling that road for many years, this seminar will help you unlock real-world solutions that bring all the pieces together.

Join us for an in-depth seminar into how you can raise alpacas in a way that's both fun, and profitable. This seminar will be co-hosted by 2 alpaca farms who will share lessons learned over a combined decades of experience. They are regular speakers at regional and national events and will be presenting in-depth strategies not covered in their other sessions.

This seminar will explore each of the following revenue streams from planning to launch:

1) Farm store
2) Fiber production and sales
3) Breeding/animal sales.
4) Agritourism

And the following topics related to those revenue streams:

1) Knowing what you have to sell.
2) Digital Marketing to generate leads... that convert to sales.
3) Sales literature
4) Creating an atmosphere for selling.
5) Sell with your ears
6) Form network partnerships

We'll also talk about specific strategies to avoid those unpleasant aspects of raising alpacas... and more.

You'll leave the seminar with more than just insights. All topics will include checklists, examples, and materials you can take home and use right away to jump-start your efforts.

Seminar held Saturday September 8th, from 10am - 4pm at Apple Mountain Alpacas.
Arrive early at 9am for coffee and engaging conversations.

Seminar by:
Earl & Kathy Klay of Jefferson Laurel Farm
Jay & Melissa Reeder of Apple Mountain Alpacas

More info to come, but space will be limited to only 24 seats available. Make sure to reserve your spot today. $50 per person registration fee covers food, materials, and license for re-use of sales literature provided.

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Should be a great time of learning and fellowship with other breeders. We'd LOVE to see you there!

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