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About Us


Jay and Melissa Reeder have been active members of the alpaca community for years.

We've had the privilege of meeting, partnering, and becoming lifelong friends with many amazing people in this industry. We attend seminars each year to learn from others and teach many more to pass along what we've learned. Jay has presented seminars for regional associations and at the national halter and fleece shows. In addition, he's published articles for Alpaca Magazine. We've also served on the boards of state (GAA) and regional (SEAA) associations and various committees for the national organization (AOA). As a result of these contributions, Jay was elected President of the Southeastern Alpaca Association.

You wouldn't do all this unless you truly loved the alpaca lifestyle and the people we've met on this great adventure.

We are continually importing the best genetics from around the country to improve not only our herd but to also impact herds throughout the Southeast. It's our privilege to help other alpaca farmers to improve their farms, develop new husbandry techniques, and maximize their experience of the alpaca lifestyle.

The Alpaca Adventure

We were first introduced to alpacas on a trip to south Florida. From that initial introduction, we knew instantly that this would be our next great family adventure, and we have not been disappointed. At this point we couldn't imagine our life without alpacas. They are the most beautiful, inquisitive, and peaceful animals you'll ever meet. From the peaceful hum they use to communicate, to the loving kisses they give, there is no doubt that our alpaca family is a central part of the amazing life we get to live.

our commitment to you

We'll assist you with farm layout design, training for alpaca care, and even marketing if needed. We have the experience and resources to support you in everything from branding through web design (all included with your purchase).

Our goal is always to help others succeed and grow. To do this, we can't stop growing either. So we will continue to read, learn, study, attend seminars, ask questions, and anything else that helps us to learn more so that we can pass that knowledge on to you.

After our faith, there are three core values that drive the actions and decisions in every initiative we undertake. We are passionate about this life and the things we get to do. We're innovative and constantly improving. We do things with excellence.

Our purpose is not to raise alpacas just for the fun of it (that's just a side benefit). Our purpose and mission is to shepherd others who want to follow in our footsteps. Our focus isn't just raising elite animals - our focus is supporting you.

Experience the magic for yourself

We're a small family farm where everyone (including the animals) lives life to the fullest, and wants to help you do the same. The best part of this adventure is getting to meet new people. Feel free to call or email with any questions, or better yet, schedule a time to come visit and learn more about these beautiful alpacas. We promise not to give you a sales pitch, but we are passionately in love with these alpacas and we will help you in any way we can.

Jay and Melissa, Josh, Jace, & Justin (The Reeder's)

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