The Alpaca Adventure

A Georgia alpaca farm modeled after ancient traditions. We breed for improvement, help others with their adventure by sharing genetic advancements, and create elite, one of a kind, products using the fiber from our herd.

Alpaca Products

Alpaca products are eco-friendly, renewable, and sustainable solutions that are all-natural, hypoallergenic, and usually one of a kind.

Alpacas for Sale

Come see our Georgia alpacas for sale.  Our goal is to help you achieve yours. All customers receive free mentoring in all aspects of their alpaca farm.

Herdsire Breeding

We offer breedings to nationally recognized multi-champion herdsires, with champion offspring, and industry leading EPDs.

Alpacas from Peru

Our SemiHemi™ breeding program strives to continue developing the vision of great Peruvian alpaca breeders, while utilizing modern tools to accelerate that effort.

Experience the Alpaca Farm Lifestyle

Alpaca Farm Tours

Learn more about alpacas by joining us for one of our public tours, or by booking a private tour that will expose you to every aspect of alpaca farming. Tours and classes by appointment only.

Alpaca Product Sales

Our passion is not just alpacas, but the amazing products we can make from their fiber. It's our pleasure to create and sell locally grown, eco friendly, & sustainable one-of-a-kind products.

Fiber Arts Seminars

Seminars are a fun way to learn while having fun and experiencing new things. Regular seminars cover various aspects of alpaca farming, fiber arts, or the production of alpaca goods from farm to fashion.

Mentor & Farm Setup

If you're interested in starting an alpaca farm or learning more about the alpaca lifestyle, give us a call or come for a farm visit and we'll be happy to help with every aspect of your alpaca business.

Alpaca Products Made in Georgia

As an alpaca farmer, our renewable crop is alpaca fiber. Our finished products are one of a kind wearables that are softer than cashmere and warm like polar bear fur.

All-Natural Georgia Grown Alpaca Products

  • 1: Alpaca Fiber

    Alpaca fiber is used by fiber artists for spinning, felting,…

  • 2: Alpaca Roving

    Roving is lightly processed fiber used by spinners, felters, and…

  • 3: Alpaca Yarn

    Used by knitters for garments that are softer than cashmere.

  • 4: Dryer Balls

    All natural, renewable, and healthy for both your family and…


Softer than Cashmere - Warm as Polar Bear Fur

We LOVE the Alpaca Lifestyle

Schedule a time to come by and experience it for yourself. Whether visiting the farm store, attending a fiber arts class, or taking selfies with the alpacas, you'll make memories that last a lifetime.
Tours and classes by appointment only.

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