Training Seminars

We offer classes and seminars for both individuals and groups.

Classes cover a wide range of topics designed to help you succeed with your alpaca adventure. While many are taught on our farm, group seminars can be held at your location.

trainingThere are different types of training involved in alpaca ownership, but none is more important than training of the owners themselves. This training spans a diverse range of subject matters such as fleece products, taxes, business, marketing, farm design, pasture management, and even animal veterinary care. Because alpacas are still relatively new to the United States, experts in fields related to those topics will not likely have the experience needed to make decisions on your behalf. An owner needs to read books, take classes, consult with experts, and learn from others in a quest to gain knowledge specific to their alpacas.


We regularly host classes at the farm for both new and experienced alpaca farmers. These classes cover a range of topics from an introduction to alpaca farming through record keeping and advanced breeding strategies. Let us know if you're interested in taking fiber art classes as well.

Group Seminars

trainingJay has hosted/taught many seminars at individual farms, regional associations, and for the national association. These seminars covered breeding topics like EPDs, digital media marketing, and how to create farm revenue over the internet. If your farm or group is interested in offering one of these seminars, please don't hesitate to contact us and see if we can work it into the schedule.

Education and training are vital to helping us become better alpaca farmers. This is why it is so important to purchase your alpacas from a knowledgeable farm willing and able to help you get started. Many talk about mentoring but it's tough to teach what you don't know. So when you partner with a farm, you're not just partnering with the farm owners, but you're also partnering with the people they purchased from, their contacts, and their network.

Contact us today to schedule your seminar.

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