Llamas: A Different Kind of Pet

So you don't want to walk a dog, clean the litter box for a cat, or change the papers at the bottom of the bird cage. Well, maybe a llama is the pet for you. Llamas, as well as alpacas, vicunas, and guanacos are all tylopods, which are in the same family as camels. Llamas…
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Apple Mountain’s report from Southern Select – 2015

The Apple Mountain "fun zone" at Southern Select. Awesome meeting new people, hanging out with old friends, and enjoying an excellent show. Now the hard part... someone has to eat all those leftover chocolate golf balls. Medinah took home a 2nd place ribbon in a very tough bay black juvi female class, and TaylorMade took…
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Apple Mountain’s report from Carolina Breeders Celebration – 2015

The Apple Mountain FUN ZONE at Carolina Breeders Alpaca Celebration... This is where those with a zest for life are separated from those who are just phoning it in. The insanely talented Dr. Neil Padgett from Apacafun Alpacas brought his expertise to the green and DOMINATED the leaderboard, leaving many competitors begging for a mulligan.…
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