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There's a legend about a place known only to alpacas. It can be found in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains, just outside a small town named Hollywood, nestled between an apple orchard and a golf course. In that magical place, alpacas live a life they never dreamed possible, with green rolling pastures, the scent of apples in the air, and the non stop live entertainment of golfers playing through.Seriously, this place does exist and it's our pleasure to call it home. It is a magical place to us and that magic wouldn't be complete without our alpaca family. We've traveled the world and while we've been to Peru many times, our first introduction to alpacas occurred on a trip to Florida. From that first encounter, we were mesmerized by these peaceful and intelligent animals. The entire family fell in love and we knew this would be our next adventure.

Like most folks we've come to meet through our travels in this industry, we didn't have an agricultural background, especially livestock, but we had made the decision years earlier to move from the city and continue to thrive in a family centered life. After our first introduction to these special creatures and discovering how raising them was such a rewarding family adventure, we soon discovered we needed to educate ourselves in all aspects of this business to reach the full potential this gorgeous fiber bearing livestock could offer us. Now that our adventure is underway, our hope is that we can share the magic with others, introducing them to a life they never thought possible, and assisting them in their alpaca adventure in any way we can.

So feel free ask questions... that's what we're here for. We're a small farm with large ambitions to not only become known for our elite alpacas, but also as a shepherd of new owners hoping to follow in our footsteps.

A little about our breeding goals:

Our breeding goals are to become a provider of top genetics... not only in the Southeast, but in the nation. We've imported specially selected elite bloodlines, carried by champion seed stock from all over the US, in order to develop our own unique line. From the beginning we've wanted to make those genetics, and our expertise, available to alpaca farms across the Southeast - so that they can achieve greater success and establish some of the best herds in the nation.

Our SemiHemi™ Breeding Program is focused on developing a line of large, well-framed alpacas with excellent conformation and superior fleece traits of uniform, sub-20 micron, 20 pound fleeces, with EPDs consistently in the top 1-3% of the national herd and validation in the show ring to back it up. Those championship pedigrees are validated not only in the show ring but also through scientific testing. Our 'herd average" for AFD EPDs, places our herd solidly in the top 10% of all alpacas nationwide while we regularly have individuals listed in the top 1%.



Thank you for taking time to visit Apple Mountain Alpacas.

Located in the North Georgia Mountains.

Where the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

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Our Services

  • Herdsires and Breeding
    We offer breedings to nationally recognized multi-champion herdsires, with champion offspring, and industry leading EPDs. Every breeding comes with a...
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  • Alpaca Sales
    We've raised them good, and now it's time to send them off into the world to bless others. We've prepared...
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  • Mentoring and Farm Setup
    As a service to clients, we will mentor them in all aspects of alpaca farming. Mentoring includes everything from initial...
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  • Training Seminars
    We offer classes and seminars for both individuals and groups. Classes cover a wide range of topics designed to help...
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General Alpaca Information

Alpaca History

Alpacas Supported an Empire

At one time alpacas were considered the greatest gift from God to mankind. Alpacas provided fiber, food, and even acted as a currency for the Incan Empire. They were so important to the Incas that invading Spaniards decided to slaughter alpacas in order to defeat the Incan empire.


Alpaca Vet Tips

Nutrition, Vaccinations, and Care

Alpacas are easy to keep but they do require some special care that most aren't used to. Because Alpacas are relatively rare in the US, there have been few studies and most medicine is prescribed "off-label". The best treatment is preventative care.


Stories About Our Alpaca Adventures

Welcome to our World

We're a typical family of 5 that is always on the go and lives life to its fullest. On top of that, our Georgia alpaca farm keeps us busy. This leads to a LOT of stories about alpacas, kids, farm life, and the world around us. One thing's for sure - there's never a dull moment.

Welcome to our world... where the stories are free, but sometimes the lessons can be expensive.


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